Black Sun Studio – Sleek Design

State College, PA- Black Sun, a commercial arts studio specializing in high-end digital and film photography, has moved its operations into The L•A•B•B•, a new 9,500-square-foot creative arts building on East Beaver Avenue on the edge of downtown and one block from the Penn State University Park campus.

The L•A•B•B• emulates an urban-modernistic style that brings strong architectural elements utilizing contemporary details and industrial materials, to a viable working commercial building.  Buffered by complimentary landscaping, the silver-clad industrial steel building includes exposed brick interiors, 25-foot loft ceilings and large 8-foot by 20-foot windows, an openness intentionally designed to promote a functional and free-flowing atmosphere where limitless creativity and inspiration can thrive.

The main shooting area [photo above showing 8 sides of Dan and photo below: beth richards group] is 2,600 square-feet of open space awash in natural sunlight, and versatile enough to accommodate any photo shoot.  Other features of the studio include a full kitchen, 1,200 sq. ft. (see a sneak peek) outdoor shooting area, ground floor loading dock, and production shop.  The open space of the studio is ideal for large-scale productions as well as for private special events.

Michael Black, founder, creative director and principal photographer for Black Sun also designed and built the L•A•B•B•.  Black approaches photography as a means to solve technical challenges and simultaneously produce an artistic edge both in studio and on location.  Black is in demand to shoot architecture, food, products, and portraiture for many local and national clients.  Black Sun has been offering unparalleled quality and service to clients and customers both regionally and nationally for over a decade and is excited to expand in this distinctive location.

In the coming months, Black Sun will be host to various exhibitions, featuring local and national artists.  For more information regarding services offered by Black Sun including studio and event rentals, please contact the studio.


  1. Adrian Ocneanu

    Hello Michael,


    I wanted to ask your opinion on something.

    I have three 30in Apple monitors, with very different ages. So each shows a different type of white – very different, too different… The limited Apple OS adjustments don’t suffice.

    I don’t need photographic quality adjustments – which would be, as I understand, impossible on these monitors anyway.

    All I need is to adjust them as close as possible to each other, with a rather warm white and big contrast.

    What is the simplest implement which would do that? Maybe I could borrow and try one from you for an hour?

    All the best

  2. Adriean: Sorry for the delayed response, but your comment was buried and I just discovered it. There are a few very good plug and play calibration hardward/software combos. Xrite is one and used to have <$300 solutions. I'm more than happy to stop by and calibrate all monitors to a std if you wish. More people should be concerned with monitor calibration or at least aware of it.