BLACK SUN site Goes Live

I am pleased to announce that the BLACK SUN studio site has gone live today! Aside from getting out the nuts-n-bolts info regarding the studio, there is a page dedicated to events and exhibits beginning 2011.The current images will be replaced once spring rolls in and I can exploit different light and surroundings.  The copy will be updated frequently too. I appreciate if you see any issues/bugs/typos, please drop me an email and you may very well receive a BLACK SUN T for your kind efforts.

Free BLACK SUN T’s to the folks who own the “top 10” comments posted here regarding the new site……  I will list winners!


  1. grieco

    great show! the site is great, easy to use, it even has photographs! You have expanded the bounds of the photographic universe and have become a true photo god! All kidding aside you done good and thanks for bringing it to so many people.

  2. Laurie Mulvey

    I love both of the sites. They are clean and hip and show a lot going on–which makes your work and your studio look like something I want to be a part of. I see quality and creativity and attention to detail. I also love the blog dimension. Lots of cool info that I might want to return to to check out (which is what you want, right?). At the same time, I’m confused about how the sites are related. One is for the studio and one is for your work? Not sure what that’s about…

  3. So I’m digging the way in which the photos on the BLACK SUN studio site stretch as the screen expands. Seems like a great way to organize a site for a photographer. Also, I like that there are no words for links — just the tiny radio buttons at the bottom. This gives it a very clean feel. On some sites I would be annoyed because I’d feel manipulated into have to scroll through the entire site to find what I wanted (i.e., click on all of the buttons). However, because each click takes me to a very cool photo in addition to information about BLACK SUN studio/Michael Black, I’m sort of pulled along to keep clicking.

    As to the site, it’s extremely easy to navigate and I love the clean feel. Just keepin’ in mind……..make good decisions.


  4. Well done on both ends, my friend. The “work” site speaks for itself and the sister blog is welcoming. The studio presentation is inspiring – hard to believe it is in the middle of Pennsylvania. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to shoot in the space. Maybe you can use your retouching skills to take that glare off of the directors head…

  5. Michael,

    What can I say? You are a very good, intelligent business person who is practical AND creative. You are hard working, appreciate good, clean images and quality design – why would your new website be any different?

    Of course I’m biased because I like clean simple design.

    Once an interested party is approved, I assume you have a PDF with rules, specs, and maybe a floor plan with measurements for event space rental and load in?

    I also like that the images are mostly left to let themselves speak for the space with out a ton of banners, or music, or flashing adds and crap all over the page. Maybe dim the logo and stripe of text after a few seconds, but that is nit picky… Also, an overall of the exterior or aerial of the property? But again, not a deal breaker.

    Having just about the most common name in the world, and having had to spend months to purchase and transfer my own domain name, it was encouraging to read your courteous approach to securing the web site name from another owner in a polite and professional manner…glad you worked it out.

    Contrast to that, as recently as last week, I got a rude, vague series of emails from someone who “offered” to buy my domain name with a sense of entitlement. I’m not certain, but I think I know their name, they might have been born in 1972, and they were using an aol account – the last thing they wrote to me after I told them I was not interested in selling, but I would listen to their offer was, “keep your domain”.

    Again, great to hear that you went about approaching the BSS person with what I can only imagine was more than a vague email introduction with the subject: “How much to buy this domain name?” And the text: “Sent from my iPhone”

    Also nice to see the deal worked out well enough that you kindly mentioned and thanked him and his business on your site…

    Jamie still according to a least one angry emailer able to “keep your domain” Smith

  6. Leo & Cindy

    A beautiful web site! When you are in your studio, it does feel like you are in another place, like New York City. Your photos are amazing. Enjoyed the site and blog and they were easy to go through.
    You have a clean and modern approach, and it reflects in what you do. Best to you, our friend!
    Leo and Cindy