Do Iphone Images Compete?

Does is really matter what capture device an image comes from? Why should a casual viewer/consumer care if an image comes from a Nikon, Canon, Iphone, Hasselblad, Leaf, Lumix, Leica, or any one of the many other camera manufacturer’s devices?  Shouldn’t we be more concerned with image integrity, impact and social meaning to name a few?  Who cares if Iphone images compete? Iphones are just another wonderful little capture and delivery tool with a ton of power at the fingertips of those those can afford them.

If I get enough feedback I may very well do a series of empirical studio tests between iphones and pro cameras.  Let me know.

[image shown: © michael black 2010, the propeller of a randy kilmer’s piper cub, one I fly in regularly.  shot with my iphone 3Gs and tweaked with the ps express app (free) for about 2o seconds before posting]