As a Geisinger employee you are about to have a professional photo shoot with BLACK SUN | michael black.  You probably have a few questions.  Below is some helpful information that will better prepare you and inform you about your shoot.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, then please feel free to contact michael black directly (see below) or your Geisinger marketing coordinator.


Do I have to have my photo taken?

  • Yes, even if you already have photos. Geisinger has an ongoing initiative to photograph all employees with similar guidelines for marketing, reference and other professional uses.

How long will my photo shoot take?

  • A typical portrait photo shoot takes between 30-45 minutes. This includes time for you to arrive at the studio, get settled, change into any appropriate clothing and shoot.

What do I wear?

  • Please bring clothing that you want to wear for your shoot.  You should love seeing yourself in these clothes.  Your clothes should be what you and your colleagues deem appropriate in your professional presentation. Jeans, t-shirts and flip-flops are out as far as Geisinger is concerned. It is recommended that women wear a nice blouse with a broad collar or other business casual top and for men a dress shirt and tie. Michael recommends that for professional attire it be clean, in excellent condition and well fitted to you as well as that you bring in at least 2-3 options.  Michael also recommends solid natural colors, textures and natural fabrics. BLACK SUN studio has a wide selection of Geisinger Lab coats so you don’t have to bring yours.

Is hair and makeup provided?

  • No. Your Geisinger session does not include hair and make-up. Michael has a strong focus on the face–eyes, lips, skin and hair. It is recommended that you come to the studio with your hair styled the way you want. You will want to bring along any make-up, hair care products, brushes and combs that you use regularly. Because of the range of needs, products are not available in the studio.

Where will my image/s be used?

  • Geisinger has many potential uses for your photo including in-clinic posters, newspaper ads, magazine ads, annual reports and website pages to name a few of the more common. At the very minimum your photo will be stored in the digital library. When needed a photo within the library can be accessible to the appropriate persons.

Who will select the final image/s to use?

  • You will get to see your images as they are made. When time allows, Michael will show you images as he is shooting. This way together adjustments can be made and on-site soft approval given.  Typically the best 10-20 images will be forwarded on to the Marketing Department, where they will make the final selection. Final selections are made with many factors including, best overall look, needed position and needed composition. Many times a photograph of an individual will be composited with one or many other photos for a single image.

Can I get copies of the photos?

  • Yes. Just ask Michael and he will be certain to handle your request.

Can I bring my spouse, partner or kids with me to the photo shoot?

  • Yes. We want make your photo shoot easy and convenient. You may find that the only way you can make it to the studio is with company (your spouse, partner, child or children). The studio is comfortable for kids and adults who need to wait during your shoot.

What do I do in case I have to reschedule?

  • Emergencies and bad weather happen. In the event that you cannot make your appointment please contact michael black directly at 814.880.2000 cell ph.

Where is BLACK SUN studio?

  • BLACK SUN studio is located at 700 East Beaver Avenue, State College, PA 16801.  It is 1 block from the campus of Penn State University. Beaver Avenue runs parallel to College Avenue–which runs along the south side of campus. You can learn a little more about the studio here:
  • Directions to the studio from anywhere can be seen here: map BLACK SUN studio
  • You can reach michael black many different ways:
  • Studio ph: 814.867.2000
  • Studio Fax: 814.867.2001
  • Cell ph and text: 814.880.2000 (be sure to include your name and ph #)
  • email:

Please know that we want your shoot to be 100% successful so Michael and his crew go to great lengths to be prepared for you. We also want you to be comfortable and prepared.  Please feel free to contact Michael with any concerns, ideas or questions.  We look forward to making great images with you.