O.T.W.: New Gallery “On The Way”

Today I launched a new gallery at michaelblack.com entitled O.T.W. for On The Way. Basically, I wanted an avenue to show emerging work that is in a series which is not quite complete.  I like so many of my creative friends and colleagues have several projects running simultaneously that take time to incubate, create and finish.  Some of the work is for clients or projects that don’t go live for 6-12 months. Other work is personal and just needs time and attention. So with this in mind the O.T.W. gallery hopefully gives me the outlet I need.  And what better way for me to kick it off that with the image below.  The series yet to be titled.

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Voting: Nothing Endures But Change

Nearly 4 years to the date 20081104 I return to the same building, same room, same booth with the same company in tow–my son and famed Rosa-Bear to do the same thing [don’t believe me check it out].  It appears little has changed and all remains the same.  However, to quote Heraclitus “Nothing endures but change” gives me solace that voting like so many fellow Americans is not only a right but a privilege. Despite all the emotions from love to hate and everything in between and on other spectra I am hopeful and work toward a better tomorrow: Stronger/Sustainable/Peaceful.  What else is there really?


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Exercising & Appreciating My Right to Vote & Be a Dad

I can’t ever remember going to the voting polls with my dad.  That’s not to say that it didn’t happen, I just don’t have that memory.  I do remember that voting in my family was understood and taught to me at a very young age that it is a inalienable right and privilege.

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