Voting: Nothing Endures But Change

Nearly 4 years to the date 20081104 I return to the same building, same room, same booth with the same company in tow–my son and famed Rosa-Bear to do the same thing [don’t believe me check it out].  It appears little has changed and all remains the same.  However, to quote Heraclitus “Nothing endures but change” gives me solace that voting like so many fellow Americans is not only a right but a privilege. Despite all the emotions from love to hate and everything in between and on other spectra I am hopeful and work toward a better tomorrow: Stronger/Sustainable/Peaceful.  What else is there really?


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Exercising & Appreciating My Right to Vote & Be a Dad

I can’t ever remember going to the voting polls with my dad.  That’s not to say that it didn’t happen, I just don’t have that memory.  I do remember that voting in my family was understood and taught to me at a very young age that it is a inalienable right and privilege.

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