Dangerous Sam I Am

A little about Sam who was hanging out in the studio today as we pondered and plotted the next chapter.

  • At age 24, Richards was hired to teach a cybernetics course called “Cybernetics and Human Ecology” at the University of Toledo. The first class session was starting only fifteen minutes after he signed the contract – and he didn’t even know what cybernetics was. So the first thing he did when class started is to ask if anyone knew. Today he still recalls that as one of the most amazing teaching experiences of his life.[4] (source: wiki)
  • On the list: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America
  • > 700K views on his TED talk a Radical Experiment in Empathy
  • My co-conspirator in making the best paella east Valencia and west of Portugal

If you haven’t heard of the World in Conversation Project, then definitely check out the peace via conversations he and his posse are facilitating around the world–literally.