Pocket Rocket Up-Date

I saw yesterday that one of my favorite little pocket rocket cameras the Panasonic Lumix LX5 is on sale at BH for a ridiculous price of less than $250 until the end of the year.  By no means am I advocating that this camera will do everything for everyone or be the last camera you will ever need.  However, as far as small pocket cameras that have a decent sized sensor, fast tele lens, respectable optics, manual override controls, RAW file output as well as a host of other nice options and characteristic this truly is a little rocket.  See my earlier post here.  Or google a review and you’ll see many other similar opinions.

On the other end of the spectrum of compacts is the Sony RX1 with it’s full frame CMOS sensor and fixed Zeiss 35mm lens and for only a mere $2,800.  If the Lumix is a pocket rocket then the Sony RX1 is a pocket star ship enterprise. Quite honestly, I will more than likely have one of these in my bags or on my person at all times.