Down Time with My Posse

Spent some quality down time with my posse and favorite people in the city where I lived and went to grad school (the first time) and in one of my favorite buildings the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Down-Time vs Away-From-Work-Time. I am not one who is great at taking or making down-time, but I know of its importance. The questions is, can one engage in down-time but still do what one does at work?  My rational brain says Yes.  That old saying, “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life,” plays integral here.  If you love what you do, can you still do “it” during your down-time.  Again, I say Yes especially if you lean on your strengths.  OK, no surprise I am a photographer and creative director so I spend most of my time planning, making, working and submerged in/with images, words and design. However, when taking down-time I still do the same, but a little differently in my story telling.  During this weekend break (desperately needed), I was able to reflect, re-group, re-energize and re-invigorate, but still do what I do all the time.  So what are the take-aways?  1. Make and Take Down-Time. 2. Love What You Do and if not find how to Love What You Do. 3. Reflect, Re-group, Re-energize and Re-invigorate.

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Black Sun Studio – Sleek Design

State College, PA- Black Sun, a commercial arts studio specializing in high-end digital and film photography, has moved its operations into The L•A•B•B•, a new 9,500-square-foot creative arts building on East Beaver Avenue on the edge of downtown and one block from the Penn State University Park campus.

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Geisinger Opens Flagship Clinic

It’s good to celebrate with Geisinger Health System one of my favorite clients as they open a new extensive clinic and continue to offer exemplar health care and remains the 2nd largest health care provider in Pennsylvania.  I typically provide Geisiner with doc shots and various healthcare/clinic style images.

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