Mural Goes Up At Nuclear Reactor Lab

Happy to report we installed an 8’x8′ mural print today at the Breazeale Nuclear Reactor, shown here with Kenan Unlu, Director, Radiation Science and Engineering Center. The mural greets employees and visitors of the Lab as the enter the restricted space. I made this image a while back on commission. I sat on top of the reactor while they pulsed it for me approximately 16 times. The image shows the core fully energized. There is approximately 71 thousand gallons of swirling water in the reactor, so getting the clarity in this image took a trick or two, but at time of capture and not in photoshop. BLACK SUN was responsible for all pre-production, design and installation for Penn State.

[Chad installing one of the panels around the hinges of a door that it is covering]


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Thinking Outside The Signage

A job well done by ANAR Foundation for allowing thinking outside the box.

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Brenda Watson’s Heart of Perfect Health (HPH) went live via a PBS special in nearly every TV market in the US this past weekend. The 430 pg. beautiful hardcover book resulted from the tireless and wonderful work between Brenda, her team, myself and my BLACK SUN crew over many months. I handled the creative (brand, design, paging and photography) from manuscript to print ready files. Part of my team included the illustration talents of Adam Questell.  This being our 3rd book with Brenda we couldn’t have been more honored to work with her and Renewlife again. As we watch the success of Brenda and HPH continually grow, we are in awe of her commitment and ongoing contribution to the health and wellness field. Here’s a small peek at what’s inside.






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Just returned from a shoot and project meeting in Tampa, FL.  There is some very exciting work coming soon!

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Big Stainless

Recently I shot big stainless jacketed kettles and processing equipment that is used primarily in the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics industries. These kettles can be several hundred gallons large and integral in the manufacturing of make-ups, medicines, tooth pastes and cereals to name a few.  The initial request called for fairly straight-forward work, but strategic planner Michelle Drager of the Drager Group and art direction from Dave Loose allowed for me to interpret the pieces as I saw them.

In the end, Stoner Bunting the agency of record responded best to my free interpretations of shape, form and shadow. Honestly, these kettles are very sexy and it would be a shame not to exploit that.  Dave in turn let the graphical nature of images drive design which is quiet elegant. The image above is one side of a 14 panel piece. This was certainly a win/win/win (photographer/agency/client) scenario.

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Kudos to Evian

YouTube Preview Image

Evian breaks free from the troubles of using babies in ads.  Too many baby ads are very creepy or down right dull.  Hats off to Evian for footing the bill for simply amazing vision, skill, production and attention to quality! Imagine all this energy ultimately just to sell water.

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Simon & Schuster shoot for The Mind Beauty Connection

I can now talk about a project I shot a few months back – The Mind Beauty Connection because it’s finally released! We were contracted by Simon and Schuster to shoot the cover of Dr. Amy Wechsler’s book. After meeting with Amy in her office on Park Ave., we confirmed the look, feel and style for the cover which was ultimately our focus. Our client wanted Amy to look natural, healthy, vibrant, confident and beautiful, basically like herself.

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window treatment for boulud’s new DBGB Kitchen & Bar

Just a bit ago, I got a call from prestigious restaurateur Daniel Boulud’s office inquiring about one of my jazz images [check out my gallery section and look for the jazz portfolio] for use canvassing the front of his new to open bistro “DBGB Kitchen & Bar” which has several pre-opening on-line comments (review 1, review 2, review 3 for starters – give it time).

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Design Gone Horribly Wrong

Everyone thinks they are a photographer and designer. Many folks are quite good….. every once in a while. Imagine if operating rooms were as accessible and affordable as adobe software and digital slr cameras… You would never think of your 8 year old nephew who just got a new scalpel set and a surgery for dummies book set operate on your liver – or would you? Additionally, so when some think more is better in design think again. Moral… hire skilled artists.

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