BAP Vinaigrette

I needed a break this afternoon, so I am responding to multiple requests to share my pomegranate vinaigrette from the last BLACK SUN presents: Artists Doing Art Series. This is surprisingly light, fresh and delicious. 20150123_BLACK_0017_FB2b

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Brenda Watson’s Heart of Perfect Health (HPH) went live via a PBS special in nearly every TV market in the US this past weekend. The 430 pg. beautiful hardcover book resulted from the tireless and wonderful work between Brenda, her team, myself and my BLACK SUN crew over many months. I handled the creative (brand, design, paging and photography) from manuscript to print ready files. Part of my team included the illustration talents of Adam Questell.  This being our 3rd book with Brenda we couldn’t have been more honored to work with her and Renewlife again. As we watch the success of Brenda and HPH continually grow, we are in awe of her commitment and ongoing contribution to the health and wellness field. Here’s a small peek at what’s inside.






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Firing Up The Grill

Even though I grill year round, this past weekend felt like the inaugural grill weekend.  With a break after nearly 6 straight weeks of rain the sun appeared and Mother’s Day turned out to be a beauty.  With that came a change in dinner plans to dueling paellas: seafood and chicken/fish/chorizo.  Not to mention a new twist on an old favorite, but will hold off on that for another post. You’ll have to write me for the paella recipe or wait until I finally kick out a cook book of my own.  This salad is “Ina/Anne” inspired and is very simple: spinach, peas, toasted pine nuts and pesto [you have to make it fresh].

One thing I will mention is that I use short grain brown rice in my paellas.  This makes most traditionalists cringe until they try it.  Then there is no turning back.

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Confused About Bunny

OK, so today I was beside myself wondering when did grocery stores start selling fresh bunny?  Even if they do, why would they sell it from the seafood coolers?  Shouldn’t be in the beef and poultry (land meat) coolers. Don’t get me wrong, I am not confused because I am a vegetarian.  It’s because I have no idea how to cook bunny head.  And what the hell would you do with those florescent eggs?

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SMOKE – Menu

11/22/10…. Just completed shooting the food of SMOKE, a NYC premier jazz club of Paul Stache and Frank Christopher with a restaurant overseen by executive chef Patricia Williams res.  Once we wrap all images I’ll be back to share more.

12/5/10… OK this project is done and I am a believer.  Below are 2 more images of many, but you’ll need to go to SMOKE to get the real thing

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window treatment for boulud’s new DBGB Kitchen & Bar

Just a bit ago, I got a call from prestigious restaurateur Daniel Boulud’s office inquiring about one of my jazz images [check out my gallery section and look for the jazz portfolio] for use canvassing the front of his new to open bistro “DBGB Kitchen & Bar” which has several pre-opening on-line comments (review 1, review 2, review 3 for starters – give it time).

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