Somewhere in the DIA

A city with an amazing appreciation and expression of art, despite it’s current troubles. Hats off to the Detroit Museum of Art a.k.a. DIA for putting it out there.

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art life nature

art imitates life imitates nature [somewhere in michigan]mb|BS_shield_example_01b

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michael shoots Walden

We were very fortunate on many levels April 13th.  First, we shot and spent the day photographing the very wonderful Jennifer Walden.  Jennifer is the “HOTTEST” plastic surgeon who recently moved from NYC back to her home Austin, Texas.  Jennifer has earned national status over the years due to her excellence and innovation in the field of plastic surgery and celebrity status including appearances with The Biggest Loser (season 11) as her surgeon and a variety of national network shows. She came back to NYC to have us shoot her. Second, the sun was out and the trees were blooming in the west village and it truly felt like Spring was finally here. Third, my 8 yr old son along with my great crew worked this shoot. And fourth, Phil of Sugarcamp productions showed up and made a cool little walk-away behind the scenes video. Who could ask for a better day.

[this video was previously posted but hacked, so youtube had to remove it.  I am reposting and hopefully without a future hack and appreciate your likes and sharing.]


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shoot the ones you love

I don’t really think I need to explain anything here except… love to shoot, love who you shoot, and shoot who you love.

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summer time dinner party

Summer time to me…. outside dinner parties. And there’s nothing better than hanging out with great friends laughing, talking and eating around a beautiful table of fresh food and drink.  I recently stylized and shot a series of tables and accessories ranging from formal to casual. Here are 3 quick views including a French country, formal and farm rustic…

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Geisinger Opens Flagship Clinic

It’s good to celebrate with Geisinger Health System one of my favorite clients as they open a new extensive clinic and continue to offer exemplar health care and remains the 2nd largest health care provider in Pennsylvania.  I typically provide Geisiner with doc shots and various healthcare/clinic style images.

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