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art imitates life imitates nature [somewhere in michigan]mb|BS_shield_example_01b

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Editorial Piece For Johns Hopkins Magazine

I was asked by the Johns Hopkins Magazine team to shoot an editorial for the Spring Issue of the newly redesigned magazine.  The piece was interesting in it that features Susannah Leisher who with her husband and 3 sons spent a year off the grid in the Maine wilderness.  Now back in mainstream NJ and in the fringe shadows of Manhattan, she and her family are readjusting. An accomplished woman with a complicated but oddly calm story my team and I along with a very insightful graphic designer needed to craft a single image that fit. After spending the better part of the day in her home town scouting contrasting environments, alleys, train tracks, woods and the meditation area in the family living room we settled in on 3 spots.  What we thought was going to be a lead-in image instead perfectly lent itself to be a closer.  Read Susannah’s story “Out of the Woods” in JHU Magazine.   20130214_jhuni_ 5033


20130214_jhuni_ 5161


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Speechless in Lima

I don’t know exactly what to say.  Fabulous?  This was a good moment to be behind the camera.



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Lima #1

Shot on-location in Lima, Peru

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andrew and meryl

A nice moment with Andrew Eccles and Meryl Slay in Lima.


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Just returned from a shoot and project meeting in Tampa, FL.  There is some very exciting work coming soon!

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missing caption

feel free to submit your caption.

– michael

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Amy Wechsler

It’s been a few years since being commissioned by Simon Schuster to shoot the cover of The Mind Beauty Connection, Dr. Amy Wechsler’s book about reverse stress aging and revealing more beautiful skin. So it was especially nice to re-connect with Amy and make new promotional images of her in her uber cool NYC 69th street office. Amy contributes regularly to numerous magazines including: Marie Claire, Glamour, Woman’s Health, Shape, Redbook, Bazaar, Self and W to name a few. Amy is a good soul and lovely person who connects well with people and the camera and is just a pleasure with whom to share time . It was especially enjoyable to make these images more about Amy and her style. Plus nothing bad can come with a good team of assistants, make-up and wardrobe. Along with making new images of Amy, I did the same with Gervaise Gerstner a board certified dermatologist providing care in the same office.

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Simon & Schuster shoot for The Mind Beauty Connection

I can now talk about a project I shot a few months back – The Mind Beauty Connection because it’s finally released! We were contracted by Simon and Schuster to shoot the cover of Dr. Amy Wechsler’s book. After meeting with Amy in her office on Park Ave., we confirmed the look, feel and style for the cover which was ultimately our focus. Our client wanted Amy to look natural, healthy, vibrant, confident and beautiful, basically like herself.

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