Big Effort at 3on3 HoopsFest

Nothing better than kids working hard, working smart, working together, being aerobic and having fun. [click on images to enlarge]




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A move indoors and a welcome to Hoops Season.


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I was recently contracted for a rare and coveted opportunity to shoot images for MCOR on various SHELL and ENSIGN natural gas rigs. Of no surprise, these rigs were meticulous, well organized, highly productive and among all things stressing and executing the highest safety standards. All folks we worked with were top notch and I am looking forward to getting out on more land and deep sea rigs. Here are a few of the images. Woot Woot, this work was awarded Gold Medal status in the 2014 [CP]2 Bracket Awards!






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Mural Goes Up At Nuclear Reactor Lab

Happy to report we installed an 8’x8′ mural print today at the Breazeale Nuclear Reactor, shown here with Kenan Unlu, Director, Radiation Science and Engineering Center. The mural greets employees and visitors of the Lab as the enter the restricted space. I made this image a while back on commission. I sat on top of the reactor while they pulsed it for me approximately 16 times. The image shows the core fully energized. There is approximately 71 thousand gallons of swirling water in the reactor, so getting the clarity in this image took a trick or two, but at time of capture and not in photoshop. BLACK SUN was responsible for all pre-production, design and installation for Penn State.

[Chad installing one of the panels around the hinges of a door that it is covering]


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Dig It, A New Team Member

My 8 year old son was on set with us all day this past Sat in NYC. His role was to keep the music flowing, make sure the crew stayed hydrated, capture some behind the scenes images and have fun.  I couldn’t be more proud.  Most importantly he had fun all day and the rest he took care of with similar ease.  Bonus, he captured a number of remarkably nice behind the scene images too.IMG_7666b_flat_MBN

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Editorial Piece For Johns Hopkins Magazine

I was asked by the Johns Hopkins Magazine team to shoot an editorial for the Spring Issue of the newly redesigned magazine.  The piece was interesting in it that features Susannah Leisher who with her husband and 3 sons spent a year off the grid in the Maine wilderness.  Now back in mainstream NJ and in the fringe shadows of Manhattan, she and her family are readjusting. An accomplished woman with a complicated but oddly calm story my team and I along with a very insightful graphic designer needed to craft a single image that fit. After spending the better part of the day in her home town scouting contrasting environments, alleys, train tracks, woods and the meditation area in the family living room we settled in on 3 spots.  What we thought was going to be a lead-in image instead perfectly lent itself to be a closer.  Read Susannah’s story “Out of the Woods” in JHU Magazine.   20130214_jhuni_ 5033


20130214_jhuni_ 5161


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andrew and meryl

A nice moment with Andrew Eccles and Meryl Slay in Lima.


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Just returned from a shoot and project meeting in Tampa, FL.  There is some very exciting work coming soon!

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missing caption

feel free to submit your caption.

– michael

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Resolutions: REVISITED

So I can’t believe that I let so much time pass since I mentioned my 10 resolutions.  ‘Just crazy how time slips away.  So I again return to my list of 10 RESOLUTIONS and will start again with resolution #1 Show New Work

I’ve been creating a lot of new work throughout the year and will roll it out starting with a few product shots of Wolfe, Electrolux and WhirlPool.  The watermark will be off soon.  Other work will follow as well as at least 9 other resolutions.


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BLACK SUN is a proud sponsor of  Centre Soccer Association (a.k.a. Centre Soccer or CSA) for the 3rd year in a row.  We endorse kids engaging in healthy lifestyles which includes wholesome diets, regular physical activity, fun competition and social play. CSA is a grass roots soccer program that does a wonderful job of supporting healthy lifestyles.

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shoot the ones you love

I don’t really think I need to explain anything here except… love to shoot, love who you shoot, and shoot who you love.

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summer time dinner party

Summer time to me…. outside dinner parties. And there’s nothing better than hanging out with great friends laughing, talking and eating around a beautiful table of fresh food and drink.  I recently stylized and shot a series of tables and accessories ranging from formal to casual. Here are 3 quick views including a French country, formal and farm rustic…

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UP ON facebook

I will be supporting an up-to-date michael black | BLACK SUN page up on facebook. My intent with this new facebook page is to in snippets share industry info for interested folk and share the “going-ons” in and around the studio. I have a lot of exciting projects that are just wrapping up, some I am in the thick of and a few very juicy ones that I am just about to dip my big toe into. You can link to via: I will still be supporting this blog with more detailed information, larger images and functions available on facebook.

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Big Stainless

Recently I shot big stainless jacketed kettles and processing equipment that is used primarily in the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics industries. These kettles can be several hundred gallons large and integral in the manufacturing of make-ups, medicines, tooth pastes and cereals to name a few.  The initial request called for fairly straight-forward work, but strategic planner Michelle Drager of the Drager Group and art direction from Dave Loose allowed for me to interpret the pieces as I saw them.

In the end, Stoner Bunting the agency of record responded best to my free interpretations of shape, form and shadow. Honestly, these kettles are very sexy and it would be a shame not to exploit that.  Dave in turn let the graphical nature of images drive design which is quiet elegant. The image above is one side of a 14 panel piece. This was certainly a win/win/win (photographer/agency/client) scenario.

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