BAP Vinaigrette

I needed a break this afternoon, so I am responding to multiple requests to share my pomegranate vinaigrette from the last BLACK SUN presents: Artists Doing Art Series. This is surprisingly light, fresh and delicious. 20150123_BLACK_0017_FB2b

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Here’s a poster I recently designed for an entry into the New York International Film Festival [NYCIFF].  This is an original Jesse David Harris film featuring sculpture Paula Hayes and her exhibit at the famed Lever House Art Collection.  In short, this film visually portrays the making of Haye’s exhibit.  Artfully, Harris conveys the sensuality and duality of this calm and organic exhibit against and within a glass, steel and concrete skyscraper and pulsing city.  No wonder why this film is nominated for BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY. (click on image to enlarge)


Can’t make it to NYCIFF, then watch it here (if you can’t see the video below then you can see if on vimeo here):


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michael shoots Walden

We were very fortunate on many levels April 13th.  First, we shot and spent the day photographing the very wonderful Jennifer Walden.  Jennifer is the “HOTTEST” plastic surgeon who recently moved from NYC back to her home Austin, Texas.  Jennifer has earned national status over the years due to her excellence and innovation in the field of plastic surgery and celebrity status including appearances with The Biggest Loser (season 11) as her surgeon and a variety of national network shows. She came back to NYC to have us shoot her. Second, the sun was out and the trees were blooming in the west village and it truly felt like Spring was finally here. Third, my 8 yr old son along with my great crew worked this shoot. And fourth, Phil of Sugarcamp productions showed up and made a cool little walk-away behind the scenes video. Who could ask for a better day.

[this video was previously posted but hacked, so youtube had to remove it.  I am reposting and hopefully without a future hack and appreciate your likes and sharing.]


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Spring Finally

Yes, we are all so glad Spring is finally here at the studio. Trees are blooming, cross breezes are cool and sweet, the light is changing and moods are on the rise.  IMG_8024_MBN

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Dig It, A New Team Member

My 8 year old son was on set with us all day this past Sat in NYC. His role was to keep the music flowing, make sure the crew stayed hydrated, capture some behind the scenes images and have fun.  I couldn’t be more proud.  Most importantly he had fun all day and the rest he took care of with similar ease.  Bonus, he captured a number of remarkably nice behind the scene images too.IMG_7666b_flat_MBN

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Dangerous Sam I Am

A little about Sam who was hanging out in the studio today as we pondered and plotted the next chapter.

  • At age 24, Richards was hired to teach a cybernetics course called “Cybernetics and Human Ecology” at the University of Toledo. The first class session was starting only fifteen minutes after he signed the contract – and he didn’t even know what cybernetics was. So the first thing he did when class started is to ask if anyone knew. Today he still recalls that as one of the most amazing teaching experiences of his life.[4] (source: wiki)
  • On the list: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America
  • > 700K views on his TED talk a Radical Experiment in Empathy
  • My co-conspirator in making the best paella east Valencia and west of Portugal

If you haven’t heard of the World in Conversation Project, then definitely check out the peace via conversations he and his posse are facilitating around the world–literally.


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Brenda Watson’s Heart of Perfect Health (HPH) went live via a PBS special in nearly every TV market in the US this past weekend. The 430 pg. beautiful hardcover book resulted from the tireless and wonderful work between Brenda, her team, myself and my BLACK SUN crew over many months. I handled the creative (brand, design, paging and photography) from manuscript to print ready files. Part of my team included the illustration talents of Adam Questell.  This being our 3rd book with Brenda we couldn’t have been more honored to work with her and Renewlife again. As we watch the success of Brenda and HPH continually grow, we are in awe of her commitment and ongoing contribution to the health and wellness field. Here’s a small peek at what’s inside.






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O.T.W.: New Gallery “On The Way”

Today I launched a new gallery at entitled O.T.W. for On The Way. Basically, I wanted an avenue to show emerging work that is in a series which is not quite complete.  I like so many of my creative friends and colleagues have several projects running simultaneously that take time to incubate, create and finish.  Some of the work is for clients or projects that don’t go live for 6-12 months. Other work is personal and just needs time and attention. So with this in mind the O.T.W. gallery hopefully gives me the outlet I need.  And what better way for me to kick it off that with the image below.  The series yet to be titled.

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Time with ES

Working with Elara on new looks.


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NEW T’s Popping Up In all 50+

The new BLACK SUN t’s are out and popping up in all 50 states and overseas.  We ran out of the first run in 1 day, but will be producing more very soon.  These shirts are AA 100% luxurious cotton with subtle printing.  Order yours by sending an email or calling to the studio. They are only $30/each including shipping. This gringo and a very talented shooter is up in Connecticut–Very sweet thanks Jeff!  Of course we’re happy to see you post a photo of you where ever you are in your t up on the BLACK SUN FB page.

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Faculty Photoshoot with BLACK SUN

As a Penn State employee you are about to have a professional photo shoot with BLACK SUN | michael black.  You probably have a few questions.  Below is some helpful information that will better prepare you and inform you about your shoot.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, then please feel free to contact michael black directly (see below) or your marketing coordinator.

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As a Geisinger employee you are about to have a professional photo shoot with BLACK SUN | michael black.  You probably have a few questions.  Below is some helpful information that will better prepare you and inform you about your shoot.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, then please feel free to contact michael black directly (see below) or your Geisinger marketing coordinator.

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summer light

It’s rare that we have to use any light to work in the studio.  There is just so much of it bouncing around.  With our days lengthening going into the summer the sunset cast up into the ceiling is really special.  Come see for yourself.

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Pennsylvania Cactus

Odd as it may seem, but this time every year the cactus that we have growing around the studio blooms with hundreds of flowers like they’re the grand finale at the 4th of July.  Honestly, being a northerner I couldn’t imagine a yearly bloom for an outdoor “Pennsylvania Cactus,” but it’s true.

About 4 years ago we planted several small plants, each with roughly 4-10 paddles. They seem to winter extremely well and have in some areas grown more that 20 times their original size.  These hardy succulents are covered in snow and ice at least 4 months of the year.  In the summer they sit in lava rock beds and get pounded by the sun.  I believe this plant is Cactus Opuntia Humifusa and are not only spectacular but gets me craving the south west.

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UP ON facebook

I will be supporting an up-to-date michael black | BLACK SUN page up on facebook. My intent with this new facebook page is to in snippets share industry info for interested folk and share the “going-ons” in and around the studio. I have a lot of exciting projects that are just wrapping up, some I am in the thick of and a few very juicy ones that I am just about to dip my big toe into. You can link to via: I will still be supporting this blog with more detailed information, larger images and functions available on facebook.

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