Better Twitter Profile Pic

TIP on Making your Twitter Profile Pic Better

Twitter’s image uploader for the profile pic is buggy from a laptop or desktop, but works great from a smartphone. Here is a tip to make your profile pic on twitter look better. First make sure you have the image you want to use for your profile pic stored in your phone’s camera roll. If you haven’t done this already do it first.

1. log into your twitter account via your smart phone / iphone

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Thinking Outside The Signage

A job well done by ANAR Foundation for allowing thinking outside the box.

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Pocket Rocket Up-Date

I saw yesterday that one of my favorite little pocket rocket cameras the Panasonic Lumix LX5 is on sale at BH for a ridiculous price of less than $250 until the end of the year.  By no means am I advocating that this camera will do everything for everyone or be the last camera you will ever need.  However, as far as small pocket cameras that have a decent sized sensor, fast tele lens, respectable optics, manual override controls, RAW file output as well as a host of other nice options and characteristic this truly is a little rocket.  See my earlier post here.  Or google a review and you’ll see many other similar opinions.

On the other end of the spectrum of compacts is the Sony RX1 with it’s full frame CMOS sensor and fixed Zeiss 35mm lens and for only a mere $2,800.  If the Lumix is a pocket rocket then the Sony RX1 is a pocket star ship enterprise. Quite honestly, I will more than likely have one of these in my bags or on my person at all times.

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UP ON facebook

I will be supporting an up-to-date michael black | BLACK SUN page up on facebook. My intent with this new facebook page is to in snippets share industry info for interested folk and share the “going-ons” in and around the studio. I have a lot of exciting projects that are just wrapping up, some I am in the thick of and a few very juicy ones that I am just about to dip my big toe into. You can link to via: I will still be supporting this blog with more detailed information, larger images and functions available on facebook.

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pocket rocket – don’t leave home without one

Long over due, I am updating info on what I believe is a great pocket digital camera option. I advocate the use of a decent little pocket digital camera to capture those anytime moments. Sometimes my big gear is tied up shooting what I am supposed to be shooting.  But I want to shoot the set-up, B-roll, or something in front of  me, other times I want to go light – enter point and shoot.

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Kudos to Evian

YouTube Preview Image

Evian breaks free from the troubles of using babies in ads.  Too many baby ads are very creepy or down right dull.  Hats off to Evian for footing the bill for simply amazing vision, skill, production and attention to quality! Imagine all this energy ultimately just to sell water.

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Do Iphone Images Compete?

Does is really matter what capture device an image comes from? Why should a casual viewer/consumer care if an image comes from a Nikon, Canon, Iphone, Hasselblad, Leaf, Lumix, Leica, or any one of the many other camera manufacturer’s devices?  Shouldn’t we be more concerned with image integrity, impact and social meaning to name a few?  Who cares if Iphone images compete? Iphones are just another wonderful little capture and delivery tool with a ton of power at the fingertips of those those can afford them.

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Design Gone Horribly Wrong

Everyone thinks they are a photographer and designer. Many folks are quite good….. every once in a while. Imagine if operating rooms were as accessible and affordable as adobe software and digital slr cameras… You would never think of your 8 year old nephew who just got a new scalpel set and a surgery for dummies book set operate on your liver – or would you? Additionally, so when some think more is better in design think again. Moral… hire skilled artists.

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