A move indoors and a welcome to Hoops Season.


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Somewhere in the DIA

A city with an amazing appreciation and expression of art, despite it’s current troubles. Hats off to the Detroit Museum of Art a.k.a. DIA for putting it out there.

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Down Time with My Posse

Spent some quality down time with my posse and favorite people in the city where I lived and went to grad school (the first time) and in one of my favorite buildings the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Down-Time vs Away-From-Work-Time. I am not one who is great at taking or making down-time, but I know of its importance. The questions is, can one engage in down-time but still do what one does at work?  My rational brain says Yes.  That old saying, “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life,” plays integral here.  If you love what you do, can you still do “it” during your down-time.  Again, I say Yes especially if you lean on your strengths.  OK, no surprise I am a photographer and creative director so I spend most of my time planning, making, working and submerged in/with images, words and design. However, when taking down-time I still do the same, but a little differently in my story telling.  During this weekend break (desperately needed), I was able to reflect, re-group, re-energize and re-invigorate, but still do what I do all the time.  So what are the take-aways?  1. Make and Take Down-Time. 2. Love What You Do and if not find how to Love What You Do. 3. Reflect, Re-group, Re-energize and Re-invigorate.

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Voting: Nothing Endures But Change

Nearly 4 years to the date 20081104 I return to the same building, same room, same booth with the same company in tow–my son and famed Rosa-Bear to do the same thing [don’t believe me check it out].  It appears little has changed and all remains the same.  However, to quote Heraclitus “Nothing endures but change” gives me solace that voting like so many fellow Americans is not only a right but a privilege. Despite all the emotions from love to hate and everything in between and on other spectra I am hopeful and work toward a better tomorrow: Stronger/Sustainable/Peaceful.  What else is there really?


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BLACK SUN is a proud sponsor of  Centre Soccer Association (a.k.a. Centre Soccer or CSA) for the 3rd year in a row.  We endorse kids engaging in healthy lifestyles which includes wholesome diets, regular physical activity, fun competition and social play. CSA is a grass roots soccer program that does a wonderful job of supporting healthy lifestyles.

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Spring Resolution #1: Show New Work

OK, so I have written out 10 Spring Resolutions and I am going to stick with them.  Here’s #1: Show New Work.  I believe one strength of myself and Black Sun is that work and deadlines come first.  I can say we have a perfect track record of never missing a deadline, but that has come at a cost.  Many of my shooter friends share the same ocd like qualities and the need to make sure all ducks are in a row.  The cost is that with so much attention to others we typically put our own work and promotions second.  So this resolution is to bust out of old habits and start cranking on showing fresh new work.  Keep an eye out for Resolution #2.

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Firing Up The Grill

Even though I grill year round, this past weekend felt like the inaugural grill weekend.  With a break after nearly 6 straight weeks of rain the sun appeared and Mother’s Day turned out to be a beauty.  With that came a change in dinner plans to dueling paellas: seafood and chicken/fish/chorizo.  Not to mention a new twist on an old favorite, but will hold off on that for another post. You’ll have to write me for the paella recipe or wait until I finally kick out a cook book of my own.  This salad is “Ina/Anne” inspired and is very simple: spinach, peas, toasted pine nuts and pesto [you have to make it fresh].

One thing I will mention is that I use short grain brown rice in my paellas.  This makes most traditionalists cringe until they try it.  Then there is no turning back.

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Confused About Bunny

OK, so today I was beside myself wondering when did grocery stores start selling fresh bunny?  Even if they do, why would they sell it from the seafood coolers?  Shouldn’t be in the beef and poultry (land meat) coolers. Don’t get me wrong, I am not confused because I am a vegetarian.  It’s because I have no idea how to cook bunny head.  And what the hell would you do with those florescent eggs?

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Johnny Cash Project

Every once in a while I come across some impressive work and I can’t say enough about the execution of the johnnycashproject – an ultimately cool web based collective.  If you haven’t yet, go check it out and let me know your thoughts.

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I just delivered a file to Editora Abril, South America’s Largest Publisher and owner of LOLA Magazine. They are featuring  SMOKE “as the place to hear the best jazz in NYC” in the April 2011 issue.

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Exercising & Appreciating My Right to Vote & Be a Dad

I can’t ever remember going to the voting polls with my dad.  That’s not to say that it didn’t happen, I just don’t have that memory.  I do remember that voting in my family was understood and taught to me at a very young age that it is a inalienable right and privilege.

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A Look into the Future

Anyone who has kids spends a lot of time planning and setting the stage and providing opportunities for success for the little ones in a variety of areas academically and socially.  This is all in addition to loving and supporting them while laughing quite a bit. We laugh a lot in our family and the “dudes” at jibjab put a little interactive animation together that gave us a look in the future of our 3-1/2 year old.

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